After your passport and customs procedures, your team will meet you at the airport and your vehicles waiting for you at the airport (the oldest one is 1 year old) will make your transfers.
Your departure to the hotel or fair area has been prepared within the program and we are interested in all matters that you should not engage in your daily departure and arrival, your exhibition stand.
You can find all the materials you need and the materials you need for participating in international fairs and your visit from us.
A company that will attend the festival needs what it is; After your stand design, we can build a stand, staff to work at your booth, use it at your booth, or provide the products you need.
We will consider all the details of your travel organization for your exhibition participation, your flight, you will be welcomed from the airport, you will arrive to the hotel, you will be accommodated with the hotel, interpreter or guide to accompany you, your suitcases will be sent to your room, your arrival and departure to the daily fair area, catering or trio music group we will think about every detail that might come to mind or not come.
Let's get to the fair, leave your business card, let us do it for you, let your patient get influenza, get you medication, invite your customers or guests to dinner after the fair, let's make your restaurant organization restaurant alternatives and reservations, let's make your party your birthday fuarda birthday party take care of your business.
With years of experience, many services will no longer make mistakes in our memories, and our team will tell you what you want without saying you will always be at the end of your phone.